Happy Divorce Month!

It’s been said that February is Divorce Month. It’s that time after the holidays; the tree’s been taken down, the decorations put away and Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. This seems to be a time when many couples say “I can’t do this anymore”. Instead of...

3 Divorce Support Resources to Get You Through the Maze

Lost. Scared. Lonely. Shaken. Sad. Angry. Bitter. Relieved. Hopeful. These are just some of the stops along the emotional roller coaster that is divorce. It’s not anything that anyone should have to endure alone. Divorce has become so commonplace that there are tons...

You’ve Signed Divorce Papers – Now What?

The papers are signed, the ink is barely dry and suddenly you are faced with the question WHAT NOW? You may have been a stay at home parent, or maybe you worked part time or for a lower wage because you could depend on two paychecks coming in. But now it’s not two...

Your First Holiday Season as a Single Person

Is this it? Is this the first time since the birth of your babies that you will be forced to spend at least part of the Holiday without your children because of separation or divorce? It’s no fun. The first year is definitely the hardest. I remember mine. I sat...

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